Stories About Some of Our Animals

Casey, Pumpkin, Everett and Clem (shown above) are just a few of the faces at our sanctuary.  They are all special in their own way and each one has a story.  Casey was born to feral parents and still is somewhat leery of most two-legged beings.  Pumpkin is a friendly cat that was dumped at one of our feral sites and is happy to be inside and safe.  She was not feral, just not loved.  Everett was a kitten when he was found injured and being harassed by an older unneutered male by a person who could not afford to take care of him.  He is  loving and sweet and has been adopted.  Clem is an amazing fellow.  Born to feral parents but doesn’t know it as he is very loving and sweet.  There are so many more stories to tell about the abused, abandoned and unloved animals we have rescued and will continue to rescue as long as we are able.

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