Sisters Animal Sanctuary

Welcome to Sisters Animal Sanctuary

Sisters Animal Sanctuary is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, EIN 59-3785632.

Mickey is in the UC Davis stem cell therapy trial for stomatitis. He has been the perfect patient and is loved by the UC Davis staff.

Mickey was a special patient in the UC Davis stem cell therapy trial for stomatitis. The UC Davis staff loved and adored him. Sadly, we all had to say goodbye to Mickey in late 2018. His presence and loving heart are remembered and missed every day at the Sanctuary.

SAS is a no-kill sanctuary that began in 2003 as a result of two sisters finding a single stray black cat on the side of a freeway. Her name is Freeway and we took care of her for 13 years; sadly we lost her this year 2016.  We cannot live with the fact that millions of innocent animals are being killed in U.S. shelters every year which includes approximately 500,000 in California. We have a passion for all animals and are committed to saving as many as we can, given the support we receive through donations and using our own personal funds. We were approved for our nonprofit 501(c)(3) status in August 2005. Since that time we have been following our passion and keeping our commitment to all the animals that we rescue.


Our Mission

  • Rescue cats (including feral cats) to provide a place of refuge and protection until loving permanent homes can be found.
  • Provide a lifetime home for animals that do not get adopted or are unadoptable.
  • Run a feral cat assistance program including trap/neuter/return training, education, and guidance to the community.
  • Loan equipment to the community to assist them in their rescue efforts.
  • Reduce the animal overpopulation by assisting the community with low-cost spay/neuter resources.
  • Work with the city and county to make positive changes in their animal services programs.