SAS is a small no-kill sanctuary working primarily with cats. We began in 2003 as a result of two sisters finding a single stray black cat on the side of a freeway. Her name is Freeway and she has quite a story. Who can live with the fact that millions of innocent animals are being killed in U.S. shelters every year which includes approximately 500,000 in California. We have a passion for all animals and are committed to saving as many as we can, given the support we receive through donations and using our own personal funds. While we never turn a blind eye to any animal in need that crosses our path we are a first and foremost a cat sanctuary as we do not have the space to house other kinds of animals in the right environment that would be beneficial to them. We were approved for our nonprofit 501(c)(3) EIN 59-3785632 status in August 2005. Since that time we have been following our passion and keeping our commitment to all the animals that we rescue.

Once an animal is in our possession, he/she is immediately taken to the vet for a comprehensive tip-to-tail examination, micro-chipped, spay/neutered, vaccinated, treated for fleas and worms any other medical needs.  Once they are ready for adoption, they are placed on with a picture and a write-up about their personality. Interested parents must complete an application and agree to a home visit so we can be sure the animal will live in a protected and loving environment. Once that has been determined, we personally deliver the animals to their new home and provide guidance and direction to the new parents regarding their new pet’s health care. We follow up during the first month to see how things are progressing. We always tell our new parents that if for any reason they cannot keep the animal, regardless of their age, regardless of the circumstances, we will take the animal back and find another loving home for them or let them live out their life at the sanctuary.


To purchase a small used trailer that can serve as a medical treatment area for cats recovering from medical procedures, illness, or for quarantine purposes. UPDATE: ONGOING

To continue to renovate and update the aging facility/structures to fulfill our mission and purpose of providing lifetime care in a comfortable, safe, healthy, and enriched environment. UPDATE: ONGOING

To build a no-kill permanent life sanctuary on twenty acres we currently own and have reserved for the sanctuary. UPDATE:  COMPLETE

To continue our involvement helping community cats and continue our involvement with the community when concerned and caring citizens reach out to us. UPDATE:  ONGOING

Once our sanctuary is completed, we will trap all of our feral sites and relocate our cats to the sanctuary where they will live out their lives in a safe environment well fed, well loved and without fear.  UPDATE:  COMPLETE